Yaskawa Low-power Encoder Cable

The Yaskawa low-power encoder cable is a high-quality and reliable solution designed specifically for Yaskawa servo motors and encoders.

This cable is suitable for both low-power servo encoder cable and high-flex servo cable assembly applications. It is engineered to provide precise signal transmission and ensure optimal performance in various industrial applications.


  • Encoder Cables Type: Low-power encoder cable and high-flex servo cable assembly
  • Connector Type: SM-6/10P connectors (male/female) for easy and secure connection
  • Cable Length: Available in various lengths to suit different installation requirements
  • Shielding: Effective shielding to minimize electromagnetic interference and ensure signal integrity
  • Conductor Material: High-grade copper conductors for superior conductivity and signal quality
  • Insulation Material: Durable and temperature-resistant insulation material for long-term reliability
  • Sleeve: Protective sleeve for added durability and flexibility
SM-6-10P connector


  • Precise Signal Transmission: The Yaskawa low-power encoder cable ensures precise and reliable signal transmission between the servo motor and encoder, enabling accurate position feedback and control.
  • High-Flexibility: This cable is designed with high-flex characteristics, allowing it to withstand frequent bending and flexing without compromising performance.
  • Reliable Connectors: The SM-6/10P connectors (male/female) provide a secure and reliable connection between the cable and Yaskawa servo motors or encoders.
  • Effective Shielding: The cable is equipped with shielding to minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI) and ensure optimal signal integrity, even in noisy industrial environments.
  • Durable Construction: With high-quality materials and a protective sleeve, the Yaskawa low-power encoder cable offers excellent durability and flexibility for long-term use in demanding applications.

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