Mitsubishi High-Power Encoder Cable

The Mitsubishi high-power encoder cable is specifically designed for use with Mitsubishi high-power servo motors.

It is a reliable and durable cable assembly that ensures accurate power transmission and encoder signal integrity. With its high-flexibility and resistance to bending, this cable is ideal for applications where dynamic movements and drag chain installations are required.

Mitsubishi high-power encoder cable: suitable for Mitsubishi high-power encoder cable, high-flex drag chain, bend-resistant servo motor, and servo cable assembly.


  • Connector: Aviation plug for secure and dependable connection
  • High-quality wire with optimal conductor size for high-power applications
  • Sleeve for added protection and durability
  • SM-6/10P connector for convenient and reliable connectivity
Aviation plug


  • Robust and Reliable: The cable is made from high-quality materials to ensure robustness and reliability in demanding industrial environments.
  • High-Flexibility: The cable assembly is designed to withstand continuous flexing and bending, making it suitable for applications with dynamic movements and drag chain installations.
  • Accurate Signal Transmission: The cable maintains the integrity of encoder signals, ensuring accurate feedback and precise control of the high-power servo motor.
  • Easy and Secure Connection: The aviation plug and SM-6/10P connector provide an easy and secure connection, minimizing installation time and ensuring a reliable connection.

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