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Solutions that power electric vehicles, aircraft, industrial equipment, medical equipment and new energy filed. FPIC has the experience, capability, and R&D resources to make any OEM/OEM integration a glowing success! FPIC is an extremely versatile turnkey manufacturer with the ability to bring your concepts and ideas into viable computing solutions.

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For more than 23 years, we have partnered with customers to produce highly engineered connectivity and precision components that make a connected world possible. Our focus on reliability and durability, our commitment to progress, and the unmatched range of our product portfolio enables customers turn ideas into technology.

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As a strategic partner, FPIC delivers innovative solutions that are tailored to meet your wire harness and cables requirements. We provide reliable interconnect solutions  and manufacturing for various applications such as new energy filed, automation equipment, medical equipment, automobiles, electric vehicles, etc.

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  • 23 years experience
  • One-stop customization service
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  • Highly automated production process
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Ring Terminal Wire Harness: Reliable Connections for Enhanced Performance

Welcome to FPIC, your trusted provider of high-quality electrical solutions. We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of wiring harnesses, including our top-of-the-line FPIC Ring Terminal Wire Harness. Engineered for durability and efficiency, our ring terminal wire harnesses are designed to deliver reliable electrical connections in various industries and applications.
car boady wire harness

Understanding Car Body Wire Harness

Car body wire harness is a vital component of modern automobiles that connects various electrical and electronic components throughout the vehicle. It is responsible for transmitting power and signals from the battery and other sources to different parts of the car, including the lights, audio system, dashboard, and other electronic features.
battery storage cables supplier

Maximizing Energy Storage Efficiency with the Right Cables: A Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to energy storage, high-quality cables are essential to ensure safety, reliability, and performance. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right cables for your application. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision when purchasing energy storage cables.
servo wire harness

Understanding the Importance of Servo Wire Harness in Industrial Automation

A high-quality servo wire harness is critical in ensuring the smooth operation of industrial automation systems. With FPIC as your servo wire harness supplier, you can be confident that you're getting a reliable, customized, and cost-effective solution that meets your specific needs.


Shaping the Furure Through Innovation

We’re a global team of innovators who design solutions and manufacture precision components and wire harness. Join us and be part of the expert team that’s improving lives through greater connectivity.

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