Huichuan Medium to High-Power Encoder Cable

The Huichuan medium to high-power encoder cable is designed to meet the requirements of medium to high-power absolute value encoders.

It is a high-flex and bend-resistant cable assembly that ensures reliable signal transmission and accurate feedback from the encoder. With its robust construction and quality materials, this cable is suitable for demanding industrial applications.

Huichuan medium to high-power encoder cable: suitable for Huichuan medium to high-power absolute value, high-flex, and bend-resistant encoder cable.


  • Connector: DB-9PIN connector for secure and reliable connection
  • Waterproof aviation plug with bend relief for added protection and durability
  • Electronic wire with optimal conductor size for medium to high-power applications
  • Multicore cable for efficient signal transmission
DB-9PIN connector


  • Robust and Durable: The cable is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity, even in harsh industrial environments.
  • High-Flexibility: This cable assembly is designed to withstand frequent flexing and bending, making it suitable for applications with dynamic movements and tight installation spaces.
  • Reliable Signal Transmission: The cable maintains the integrity of the encoder signals, ensuring accurate feedback and precise control of the medium to high-power absolute value encoder.
  • Easy and Secure Connection: The DB-9PIN connector and waterproof aviation plug with bend relief provide a secure and reliable connection, minimizing installation time and ensuring stable performance.

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