Hechuan High-Power Encoder Cable

The Hechuan high-power encoder cable is specially designed to meet the demanding requirements of high-power servo systems.

With its exceptional durability, flexibility, and reliable performance, this cable ensures efficient power and signal transmission for accurate encoder feedback in various industrial applications.

Encoder Cable Applications:

  • Compatible with Hechuan high-power servo motors
  • Ideal for high-flex drag chain applications in industrial automation, robotics, and machinery
  • Suitable for use in various industries, including manufacturing, packaging, and material handling


  • Connector: SM-6/10P connector for secure and reliable connection
  • Waterproof aviation plug for added protection in challenging environments
  • Terminals for secure and stable connections
  • Multicore cable for efficient power delivery and precise signal transmission
  • Sleeve for additional protection and insulation


  • High-Power Capability: The cable is engineered to handle high-power servo motor applications, ensuring consistent and reliable performance in demanding industrial environments.
  • High-Flexibility: Designed for use in drag chain applications, the cable offers exceptional flexibility, allowing for smooth and continuous motion without compromising signal integrity.
  • Bend-Resistance: The cable is constructed to withstand bending and twisting forces, providing long-lasting durability and maintaining optimal performance even in rigorous operating conditions.
  • Reliable Signal Transmission: With its multicore cable and secure connections, the cable ensures accurate and stable signal transmission, enabling precise encoder feedback for enhanced system control and accuracy.

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