Huichuan Low-Power Servo Cable

The Huichuan low-power servo cable is designed specifically for low-power servo applications, providing reliable and efficient power and signal transmission.

With its high-flexibility and suitability for drag chain applications, this cable ensures smooth and precise operation of servo systems in various industrial environments.


  • Compatible with Huichuan low-power servo systems
  • Ideal for high-flex drag chain applications in industrial automation and machinery
  • Suitable for use in various industries, including manufacturing, robotics, and CNC machining


  • Connector: DB 9PIN connector for secure and reliable connection
  • Multicore cable for efficient power and signal transmission
  • Electronic wire with optimal conductor size for low-power servo applications
  • Sleeve for additional protection and insulation
  • Rubber shell for durability and resistance to external factors
  • Terminals for secure connections
Huichuan low-power servo cable


  • High-Flexibility: The cable is designed to withstand frequent flexing and bending, making it suitable for use in drag chain applications where continuous motion is required.
  • Reliable Power and Signal Transmission: The multicore cable ensures efficient power delivery and accurate signal transmission, maintaining the performance and precision of low-power servo systems.
  • Durable and Resilient: The rubber shell provides excellent protection against external factors such as abrasion, moisture, and impact, ensuring long-lasting performance in challenging industrial environments.
  • Secure Connections: The DB 9PIN connector and terminals ensure secure and reliable connections, reducing the risk of signal loss or interruption during operation.

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