Dynamic ECG Machine Lead Wires

Compatible with KONTEK TCL5000, TCL4000, and TCL6000 machines, and are used to connect the patient to the ECG machine to monitor their heart’s electrical activity.

Main Materials:

  • ECG electrode button
  • Single core 10PIN cable
  • 10 PIN plug connector

ECG Machine Lead Wire Features:

  • Flexible and comfortable design for patient comfort
  • Standard length and connector type for compatibility with KONTEK TCL5000, TCL4000, and TCL6000
  • Reliable and accurate performance for accurate cardiac monitoring
  • High-quality materials ensure reliable and accurate ECG readings
  • Snap-style or pinch-style connectors ensure a secure and comfortable fit for the patient
  • The cable length of 1.5 meters provides sufficient distance between the patient and the ECG machine
  • Designed to be durable and long-lasting for frequent use in medical settings


CompatibilityKONTEK TCL5000, TCL4000, and TCL6000 machines
Number of Leads10
Cable Length1.5 meters or Customizable
Cable ColorCustomizable
Connector ColorCustomizable
ConnectorSnap-style or pinch-style
Dynamic electrocardiogram lead wires

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