Blood Oxygen Probe Cable

It is compatible with Mindray T5/T5.IPM and UMEC monitors, as well as Nellcor module SPO2 blood oxygen probes.

Designed to provide accurate and reliable blood oxygen level readings for patients in hospital and clinical settings.

Main materials:

  • 8-pin circular connector
  • Blood oxygen cable
  • Adult hard finger clip & adult soft finger sleeve & pediatric hard finger clip & pediatric soft finger sleeve & neonatal iron binding strap & earlobe clip, etc.

Blood Oxygen Probe Cable Features:

  • The compatible Mindray T5/T5.IPM, UMEC monitor nellcor module SPO2 blood oxygen probe harness features a user-friendly design that makes it easy to connect to the patient and the monitor.
  • It provides quick and accurate blood oxygen level readings, which are crucial for patient care.
  • The harness is made with high-quality materials that are safe and reliable for patient use.


The harness is constructed with an 8-pin circular connector and a blood oxygen line. It is available with different types of sensors, including adult hard finger clip, adult soft finger cot, children’s hard finger clip, children’s soft finger cot, neo-iron binding belt, ear tongue clip, and more. The harness is designed to withstand frequent use and is highly durable.

blood oxygen cable

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