Car Refrigerator Plug Connector Cable


  • Car Refrigerators: This car refrigertor plug cable is specifically designed for connecting car refrigerators, ensuring reliable power supply for cooling beverages, food, and other perishable items during road trips, camping, or long journeys.
  • Automotive Accessories: It can also be used to power other automotive accessories that require a 2-pin DC power connection, such as portable coolers, electric air pumps, and car heating blankets.


Connector TypeAnderson Connector
Current Rating50 Amp
Wire SizeAWG16
Operation Temperature-40℃~85℃
IP levelIP67
Car Refrigerator Plug Connector Cable

Refrigerator Plug Cable Key Features:

  • connection between the car refrigerator and the power source.
  • Insulated Flame-Retardant Casing: The car refrigertor plug cable is encased in an insulated flame-retardant casing, providing protection against potential hazards.
  • Silver-Plated Copper Terminals: The use of silver-plated copper terminals ensures excellent conductivity and stable transmission of power.
  • Selected PVC Insulation Material: The cable features PVC insulation material that is specifically selected for its resistance to cold temperatures and flame retardancy. This ensures safe and reliable operation, even in extreme weather conditions.
  • 2-Pin DC Power Plug: The cable is equipped with a 2-pin DC power plug that is both cold-resistant and flame-retardant. It is designed to withstand temperature variations and provide a secure connection to your car’s power outlet.

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