4mm Banana Plug to Anderson Connector


  • Insulated flame-retardant housing and wire harness for safety
  • Wear-resistant and pressure-resistant construction for durability
  • Silver-plated copper terminals wire harness for excellent conductivity
  • Stable transmission of power signals
  • 4mm Banana Plug with gold-plated brass plug for secure connection
  • Injection molded design to prevent loosening
  • PVC insulation material wire harness for cold resistance and flame retardance
  • Snap design for quick plug and play
  • Easy operation and installation


Connector Type Anderson Connector
Plug4mm Banana Plug
Current Rating
Voltage Rating600V
Wire SizeOEM
Anderson Wire Harness

FPIC wire harness 4mm Banana Plug to Anderson Connector

Experience a reliable and efficient power connection with the wire harness 4mm Banana Plug to Anderson Connector. This connector is designed to provide a secure and stable transmission of power signals.

Whether you need a power connection wire harness for automotive, electrical, or industrial applications, the 4mm Banana Plug to Anderson Connector is a dependable choice.

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