M12 Double Ended Cable Assembly


Connector TypeM12 Male Connector
Number of Positions3P/4P/5P/4P
Code TypeA/B/C/D
Wire Size22AWG
TemperatureFixed: -40℃~80℃; Flexible:-20℃~80℃
IP levelIP67
Voltage Rating250V (≤4 Poles); 60V (5 Poles); 30V (>5 Poles)
Insulation Resistance100MΩ Min
Current Rating4A


  • Industrial Automation: Connects sensors, actuators, and other devices within automation systems.
  • Robotics: Provides reliable connections for robotic systems, ensuring consistent performance.
  • Production Machinery: Enhances the reliability and efficiency of production equipment.
  • Process Control Systems: Facilitates the accurate and reliable operation of control systems.
  • Machine Tools: Ensures stable and secure connections in various machine tools and equipment.

M12 Double Ended Cable Assembly Features:

  • Connector Type: M12 Straight Male Connector on both ends
  • Coding Options: Available in A, B, C, and D coding to suit different application requirements
  • Conductor Size: 22AWG for efficient current handling
  • Cable Jacket Material: Options available in PVC or PUR to meet various environmental and mechanical demands
  • Cable Assemblies: Shielded and non-shielded versions for enhanced signal integrity and protection
  • Color Options: Cable jacket available in Black or Gray for easy identification and matching with existing setups
  • Durability: Designed to withstand 100 mating cycles, ensuring long-term reliability

FPIC’s M12 double ended cable assembly with straight male connectors is engineered to provide robust and reliable connectivity in demanding industrial environments. These assemblies are ideal for applications requiring compact, durable, and high-performance connections such as sensors, robotics, and production machinery.

For more information or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us at info@sz-fpi.com. Let FPIC be your trusted partner for high-quality wire harness solutions.

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