GH Series Pitch 1.25mm Terminal Wires

A high-quality wiring solution designed to meet the demands of various electronic applications.

  • PCB Wiring: Ideal for connecting components on printed circuit boards (PCBs) in various electronic devices.
  • Consumer Electronics: Suitable for wiring applications in consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and digital cameras.
  • Computer Peripherals: Used in computer peripherals such as keyboards, mice, printers, and monitors for reliable data transmission.
  • Automotive Electronics: Reliable wiring solution for automotive electronics, including infotainment systems, control modules, and sensors.
  • Industrial Equipment: Suitable for wiring applications in industrial equipment, including machinery, control panels, and automation systems.


  • Series: GH Series
  • Pitch: 1.25mm
  • Wire Gauge: Available in different wire gauges to accommodate various current and voltage requirements
  • Connector Type: Various connector options, including pin header, socket, crimp terminal, and more
  • Length: Customizable lengths to suit your specific application needs
  • Rated Voltage: Suitable for the specified voltage range of your electronic components
  • Rated Current: Designed to handle the specified current rating based on wire gauge and connector configuration


  • Precise and Secure Connection: The GH Series Terminal Wires are engineered with a pitch of 1.25mm, allowing for precise and secure connections between electronic components. The terminals are designed to ensure a reliable and stable connection, reducing the risk of signal loss or intermittent connections.
  • Versatile Applications: These terminal wires are suitable for a wide range of electronic applications, including consumer electronics, computer peripherals, automotive electronics, industrial equipment, and more. Whether you’re working on PCBs, connectors, sensors, or other electronic devices, the GH Series Terminal Wires provide a reliable wiring solution.
  • High-Quality Construction: The GH Series Terminal Wires are constructed using high-quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting performance. The conductors are made from high-conductivity materials to minimize signal loss and ensure efficient transmission. The insulation materials are chosen for their excellent electrical properties and resistance to heat, chemicals, and environmental factors.
  • Easy Installation: The GH Series Terminal Wires are designed for easy installation. The terminals are pre-crimped onto the wires, saving you time and effort during assembly. Simply insert the terminals into the corresponding connectors or solder them directly onto the PCB, and you’re ready to establish a reliable electrical connection.
  • Compact and Space-Saving: With a pitch of 1.25mm, these terminal wires are well-suited for applications where space is limited. The compact design allows for tighter packing of components on PCBs, enabling more efficient use of available space without compromising on the quality of connections.
  • Wide Range of Options: The GH Series Terminal Wires are available in various lengths, wire gauges, and connector configurations to meet your specific project requirements. Whether you need single-ended wires, double-ended wires, or custom configurations, there is a suitable option available for your application.

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