Volkswagen Footwell Light Harness

The Volkswagen Footwell Light Harness is a specialized wiring harness designed to connect and power the footwell lights in Volkswagen vehicles.

It is specifically engineered to be compatible with various Volkswagen models, including the new Passat, Lingdu, Sagitar, Bora, Golf, and Magotan. With its high-quality materials and precise construction, the Footwell Light Harness provides a reliable and efficient solution for illuminating the footwell area of your Volkswagen vehicle.


  • Harness Type: Volkswagen Footwell Light Harness
  • Compatible Models: Volkswagen new Passat, Lingdu, Sagitar, Bora, Golf, Magotan
  • Main Materials: Connectors, Terminals, PTFE Electronic Wire, Adhesive Tape


  • Excellent Compatibility: The Volkswagen Footwell Light Harness is designed specifically for Volkswagen models, ensuring seamless compatibility with the new Passat, Lingdu, Sagitar, Bora, Golf, and Magotan. It guarantees a perfect fit and proper electrical connection for the footwell lights in these vehicles.
  • High-Quality Materials: The harness utilizes top-grade materials to ensure durability and reliable performance. The connectors and terminals are made with precision, providing a secure and stable electrical connection. The PTFE electronic wire offers excellent insulation properties and reliable signal transmission. The adhesive tape is included for convenient and secure wire management.
  • Easy Installation: The Footwell Light Harness is designed for easy installation, allowing for a hassle-free setup process. The connectors and terminals are designed to match the vehicle’s wiring system, making the installation straightforward and time-saving.
  • Reliable Performance: The harness is engineered to deliver consistent and reliable performance. It ensures proper power supply to the footwell lights, resulting in optimal illumination and enhanced visibility inside the vehicle.

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