What is energy storage cable?

energy storage cable

Energy storage refers to the process of storing energy through a medium or device and releasing it when needed. The energy storage wiring harness plays the role of signal and data transmission and power supply in the entire energy storage industry chain. The energy storage system needs stable and reliable signal connection, which requires the energy storage wiring harness to be resistant to high temperature, high pressure, aging, electromagnetic shielding, There are very strict requirements on functions such as flame retardancy.

1. The entire energy storage wiring harness is mainly divided into high-voltage parts and low-voltage parts:

1. The low-voltage energy storage wiring harness mainly includes:

Wiring harness in the battery box (including voltage acquisition line, temperature sensing acquisition line, module communication line, communication line in the box and supporting electrical wiring); main control box wiring harness; junction box wiring harness; external communication wiring harness (including main control box External connecting wire and box communication bus); charging cabinet wiring harness (including fan power supply, starting power supply, GPRS wiring harness, temperature control wiring harness and DC/DC power supply wiring harness); charging pile wiring harness (including emergency stop switch and lighting circuit).

2. The high-voltage energy storage wiring harness includes:

Inter-box power line; main control box power line; combiner box power line; DC charging stand; DC electric gun; AC charging stand; AC electric gun.

2. Significance of energy storage

Solve the intermittent problem of renewable energy through energy storage.

1) On the power generation side, energy storage can be used to solve the grid instability and wind and power abandonment problems caused by the intermittent and fluctuating nature of wind and wind power generation;

2) On the grid side, the energy storage system can provide auxiliary services to maintain the stable operation of the grid;

3) At the user end, the energy storage system is mainly used for “shaving peaks and filling valleys” to save electricity costs; backup power supply to prevent power failure from affecting equipment operation; off-grid power supply, etc.

3. Composition of the energy storage industry chain:

The upstream of the energy storage industry chain mainly includes suppliers of battery raw materials and production equipment; the midstream mainly includes suppliers of batteries, battery management systems, energy management systems, and energy storage converters; the downstream mainly includes energy storage system integrators, installers and end users .

energy storage cable


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