FPIC Team-Building Journey in Huizhou, 2023

Embracing the Winter Sun and Coastal Bliss

In the heart of December, the entire FPIC family embarked on a joyous bus ride to the much-anticipated destination — Huizhou, for a two-day leisure getaway. Along the mesmerizing coastline of Eastern Guangdong, we immersed ourselves in the seaside romance and got up close and personal with the ocean.

Off-Road Vehicle Experience

Our journey unfolded amidst breathtaking landscapes—through reeds, gullies, high slopes, and sandy beaches. The off-road vehicles, with their robust horsepower, effortlessly navigated 45-degree inclines and surprise twists and turns. It was a wild ride, a thrilling adventure on the racecourse of nature.

Off-Road Extravaganza

Jinhai Bay Jiahua Hot Springs

Exploring the breathtaking white sands, the majestic stone forest of Molizhi, and the mangrove forest, we found ourselves surrounded by a rare white sandy beach and a picturesque tropical garden. The tranquil and private Jinhai Bay Jiahua Hot Springs washed away our fatigue, leaving us rejuvenated in body and mind.

FPIC Events

Beach Barbecue Party

As the sun gracefully descended along the horizon, a gentle sea breeze accompanied our conversations and the exquisite joy of DIY barbecues. Against the backdrop of the moonlit sky, we gathered around the bonfire, letting our laughter and songs dance with the flames, creating a symphony of joy.

Beachside Barbecue

Beach Sports Competition

Challenging ourselves, trusting our teammates, caring for and supporting each other, we engaged in a beach sports competition that fostered teamwork and unity. It was an opportunity to build confidence and strengthen cohesion through mutual support.

beach sports

Team Combat

Military field experience, real-life CS battles—simulating the charge and clash of two armies. Archery showcased our precision and strength, with the moment of aiming the bow and arrow embodying both tranquility and power.



This FPIC team-building event not only constitutes a part of our company culture but also symbolizes care for our employees. It provided a chance for complete relaxation, allowing us to enjoy the beauty of nature while experiencing the joys of teamwork. It deepened mutual understanding among departments and colleagues, creating favorable conditions for enhancing the company’s cohesion.

FPIC Team-building

May every FPIC member find joy in both work and life. Here’s to a happy and fulfilling journey together. FPIC, let’s move forward hand in hand, creating a brighter future!