ECG Cable Introduction


ECG cable is an essential part of monitoring the electrical activity of the heart. They connect electrodes that are placed on the patient’s chest, arms, and legs to an ECG machine. The ECG machine then records the electrical signals and displays them as a graph, which healthcare professionals can use to assess heart function and diagnose potential cardiac issues.

ECG cables come in various lengths and configurations, depending on the specific application and type of ECG machine being used. They are typically made of a flexible, non-conductive material that is comfortable for the patient to wear. The cables may have anywhere from three to 12 leads, and can be color-coded to aid in proper electrode placement.

At FPIC, we offer a range of ECG cables to meet the needs of our customers. Our ECG cables are manufactured to the highest standards for accuracy and reliability. We offer a variety of lengths and configurations to ensure compatibility with a wide range of ECG machines, and our cables are designed for ease of use and patient comfort.

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