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In daily life, sockets are ubiquitous. We use sockets for electricity .The socket is a socket that has one or more circuit wiring pluggable through which various wirings can be inserted.It is easy to connect with other circuits. Through the connection and disconnection between the line and the copper parts, the connection and disconnection of this part of the circuit is finally achieved.

According to the difference of use, it has civil sockets, industrial sockets, waterproof sockets, ordinary sockets, power sockets, computer sockets, telephone sockets, video and audio sockets, mobile sockets and USB sockets.

The power of socket has a socket designed for mating with the pin of the plug, and is equipped with an electrical accessory for connecting the terminal of the flexible cable.

Fixed socket-outlets are used for sockets connected to fixed wiring.

Portable socket-outlet is a socket that is integrated with a flexible cable, and it is convenient to move when connected to a power source.

Multiple socket-outlet is a combination of two or more sockets.

Socket-outlet for appliances is a socket installed in and fixed to an appliance.

Rewirable plug and Rewirable protable socket-outlet, the electrical accessories of the flexible cable can be replaced in the structure.

Non-rewirable plug and Non-rewirable protable socket-outlet is an electrical accessory that is structurally integrated with a flexible cable after being connected and assembled by an electrical accessory manufacturer.

In daily life, the telephone socket, TV socket, Air-conditioning socket and computer socket are common.

There are two types of computer sockets, one is a telephone and computer integrated socket, which can be separated from the phone, and the other is a television and computer integrated socket, which can be separated from cable TV.

The electrical instability of the socket will affect the normal use and life of the computer.

In addition to considering the functions of switches and sockets, the appearance design is also more and more concerned by people.